School visits

We sincerely invite students and teachers on school trips to the Museum of Military Technology „GRYF”.
During the visit, we offer tour guides to two museums: the Museum of Military Technology „GRYF” and the Sappers Museum „Explosive”. This is an excellent history and technology lessons, in which children and young people become familiar with historical military vehicles, uniforms, you can trace the evolution of ammunition and learn the secrets of the sappers work. The highlight we provide is amazing ride with tracked vehicle BAT-M, specially adapted for safe transportation of 32 people. Those who rejoice attractions of great interest are also sappers exercises : viewport grenade and mine detection on a practice minefield. Each student can feel for a moment like a real engineer. At the end of the visit we propose to organize a bonfire for the participants. The museum is also a playground for children.

Our suggestion for schools:
– Guided tours of Museum of Military Technology „GRYF”  – 20 zł/ person
– Ride a military tracked vehicle BAT-M – 1600 zł (up to 32 people, duration approx. 20 min.)
– Sappers attractions – 20zł/ person
– Fireplace – 10 zł/ person

Booking terms and details:
tel. 667 910 060