We are engaged in the collection, storage, maintenance, reconstruction, sharing and showcasing collections in the field of military technology, military vehicles and weapons and related areas. The museum collection is growing rapidly. During the renovation and preparation for exposure are the next exhibits, but more on that soon… All the exhibits belonging to the museum undergo extensive renovation and a thorough reconstruction. This makes that vehicles are brought to the technical state in which they left factories. Trucks are able to overcome many kilometers distances on their own wheels. Our exhibits are extensively used in productions and historical films. The tanks are fully operational and are able to imitate gun firing, and perform all the maneuvers in the field. In July 2013 Pz.Kpfw tank. V „Panther” took part in the film about the Warsaw Uprising „City ’44” directed by Jan Komasa and the TV series „Time of Honor”. Subsequent films and programs, which use our vehicles are „Valet” directed by Filip Bajon (October 2015) and several productions of Boguslaw Wołoszański, including „The Secret History of the Twentieth Century” and „Sensations of the twentieth century” (July 2015).




The KrAZ-255 is a heavy off-road truck...


APM-90M APM-90M is a Soviet airport /...