Wartburg 353 – 1982

In 1966, the successor, valued by users, entered production, although clearly

outdated Wartburg 312. The new model in Germany was initially called „Der neue

1000″, while its designation 353 began to be officially used only after some time. Under

however, the new body concealed anachronistic solutions known from the previous generation. Body

it was based on a supporting frame and a 45 hp two-stroke engine was still working under the hood. Thanks flat

the floor and the angular body managed to create a lot of space inside the car. In

in the richer de Luxe version, the backrests of the front seats could be folded down completely, creating places for


Traditionally for products from Eisenach, the station wagon variant, called

tourist. In the 1980s, a pickup truck called the Trans was produced in relatively small numbers. In

In the years 1970-71, a series of 8 „off-road” Wartburgs type 353/400 equipped with

open body made of polyester, which can even float. In 1975, the 353W version was introduced,

adapted to the new security requirements. Starting in 1982 dummy

the radiator grille, headlight bezels and bumpers were painted black. The last modernization took place under

late 1984 when new larger headlights built into the Wartburg 353S were introduced

integrated front apron and spoiler with space for fog lamps. The cooler stayed

moved in front of the engine. At the customer’s request, a gear lever mounted in

the floor, not on the steering wheel.

In 1988, the Wartburg 1.3 was presented equipped with a four-stroke engine supplied

by Volkswagen. The last car with the Wartburg logo left the production line in Eisenach 10April 1991.

Number of seats 5

Number of doors 5

Power 50 hp, 58 hp

Engine displacement 993cc, 1272cc

Number of cylinders 4

Manual gearbox

Front drive