Tatra 148s3 Rosenbauer slf8500

Heavy water and foam extinguishing vehicle

In 1972, Rosenbauer made the first copy of the SLF 8500 firefighting vehicle on the Tatra 148 chassis, equipped with a new, more powerful 212 hp engine. in the 138 model. The body structure was unified with that of the last SLF 8500 series on the T138 chassis. The special body has been divided into three modules: equipment compartment, tanks for extinguishing agents, and fire truck pump compartment. A new truck pump with a capacity of 4,800 liters per minute was used, which was placed at the rear in a closed compartment, covered with a canvas blind. The vehicle is equipped with 2 rapid attack lines „C” with foam nozzles (in the rear – side compartments) and three water and foam cannons – 1 stationary and 2 portable. The equipment was supplemented by fire fittings; including „A” discharge hoses intended for supplying portable water-foam cannons.