Skoda 1000 MB – 1968

The decision to start work on the successor of the Škoda 440 Spartak was made in 1955. Although the first prototypes of the new passenger car were ready a year later, the whole process of developing, testing and preparing its production took a decade. At that time, the AZNP factory in Mladá Boleslav was leaving modernized Spartaks, i.e. Škoda Octavia. The Skoda 1000 MB, presented in 1964, was distinguished by an attractive-looking and fashionable four-door body at the time and a completely new 988 cm3, 42 hp liquid-cooled drive unit mounted at the rear. In 1966, the offer was extended with the de Luxe model, distinguished by richer equipment. In the same year, the engine power was also increased to 48 hp. Due to the typical faults of „childhood”, the new Škoda model was nicknamed „1000 Little Errors” in Poland.

In the years 1966-1968, the 1000 MBG de Luxe model with a 52 hp engine was also produced, as well as an attractive two-door variant called the 1000 MBX de Luxe, which today is among the most sought after among collectors. Prototype cars with a station wagon body were also developed, but they did not go into production.

In 1969, the body of the Škoda 1000MB was modernized. The oval decoration of the front wall has been replaced by a strip of light plastic, and the rear panoramic window has been replaced by a less spectacular curved glass. This car was produced for only a year, being in fact a transitional variety for the new generation of Škoda, i.e. the 100 model. In the years 1964-1969, a total of 420,000 Škoda 1000MBs and 22,000 cars with the 1100 engine were produced.

Displacement 988 cm³

Gasoline engine type

Engine power 48 hp (35 kW) at 4750 rpm

Maximum torque 75 Nm at 3000 rpm

SOHC (OHC) camshaft location

Number of cylinders 4

In-line cylinder arrangement

Number of valves 8

Carburettor injection type

Type of brakes (front) disc

Type of brakes (rear) drum