Missile 3M8M3 of the SA-4 „Ganef” SAM system

3M8M3 missile was part of the Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft medium-range, medium-to-high altitude surface to air missile (SAM) system 2K11 „Krug” (NATO code SA-4 „Ganef”). This system was constructed in the late 50’s, but needs of many construction refinements and modernisation led to delays in introduction in the Soviet Union Army came (it took about 10 years to make system fully operational). Polish Army introduced upgraded „Krug” version 2K11M1 to 61 Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade in Trzebień (later in Skwierzyna). It was the only unit in Poland equipped with „Krug” SAM, it lasted until withdrawal of „Krug” in 2011. The two missiles 3M8 are placed on tracked self-propelled TEL (transporter erector launcher) 2P24 with rotation sector of 360 degrees. Missiles on the launcher could be raised up to the angle of the 70 degrees. The rocket 3M8 is a very interesting design. To the main hull of the missile with liquid-fuelled ramjet engine ZC4 inside are attached four solid fuelled booster rockets. Once they have burned out, they are discarded. Warhead is high explosive – fragmentation weighing approx. 150 kg, after the explosion its creating about 15,000 fragments weighing approx. 4 g each.

Specifications of the 3M8M3 missile:

Length / span: 7843 / 2702 mm

Take-off weight: 2453 kg (without 4 boosters – 1400 kg)

Weight of high explosive-fragmentation warhead 150 kg (other data – 135 kg)

Detonation mechanism: contact and proximity fuzes with self-liquidation system

Maximum speed of missile: 3700-4000 km / h

Maximum speed of target: up to 2880 km / h

Range: 6 to 50 km

Ceiling: 0.15 to 24.5 km