Mercedes O303

The first Mercedes-Benz bus produced with a modular system. Thanks to this innovative method of construction, the bus was available in versions of various lengths (between 8.7 and 12 meters, with 9 to 15 rows of seats). Serial production began after the model was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1974. It was intended for intercity and tourist routes. During the eighteen years of production, this bus has been improved many times. In 1979, higher versions (3.4 m high) of the 14RHD and 15RHD were introduced, for long-distance services (equipped with toilets, among other things). In 1985, the buses of this model were equipped, among others, with ABS. The vehicle is powered by an engine from the Mercedes-Benz OM400 engine family (V6, V8, V10, V12 from 9.6 to 16 l capacity). Before this model was replaced by the Mercedes-Benz O404 bus, 38,081 copies of this bus were produced. It was produced under license in Yugoslavia and South Korea.

Engine: OM401 – V6 with a capacity of 10965 cm3 and a power of 192 hp

Years of production 1974 – 1992 (the copy, which is an exhibit of the Museum of Military Technology „GRYF” comes from 1986.

Number of seats: 41 + driver and pilot