IFA W 50

At the end of the 1950s, the Ernst Grube factory in Werdau began work on the construction of the rather anachronistic IFA S4000-1 truck. In 1961, a prototype marked as W45 was built, which was already very close to the final W50 model. Unlike its predecessor, the new generation of trucks had a wagon cabin located above the front axle. In order to be able to start mass production of the new vehicle, the East German authorities decided to build a completely new factory in Ludwigsfelde, south of Berlin. On July 1, 1965, the production of W50 trucks began at the newly built VEB IFA plant. By the end of the year, 855 vehicles left the factory gates. The standard W50L model was equipped with a 4×2 drive, but the W50LA version with a 4×4 drive entered production quite quickly, the main recipient of which was the military, construction, fire brigade and power industry. For agriculture, the W50LA/Z version with 4×4 drive and a power take-off for driving harvesting machines was created. The agricultural IFA was equipped with thicker and single tires. For the needs of long-distance transport, a variant with a longer sleeping cabin was prepared, while crew cabins were produced for the fire brigade and the power industry. The IFA W50 was powered by a 6.6 liter 110 hp four-cylinder diesel engine, which was increased to 125 hp in 1967. W50 trucks were produced in 60 variants and 240 versions. They were exported to to Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, as well as to Vietnam, Mozambique and Iraq. Versions sent to Africa were equipped with more solid bumpers and steel cargo boxes. In 1987, a modernized version of the L60 appeared with a tilting cab, under which a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 9.2 liters and a power of 180 hp worked. In August 1990, production of the L60 model was completed with 20,289 units. On December 17, 1990, production of the W50 model ended with 571,789 units. Currently, the factory in Ludwigsfelde belongs to Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Engine: R4 6.6L 125 HP

Gearbox: 5-speed manual

Drive: AWD (both axles)