76.2 mm field gun wz. 1942 ZIS-3

So-called divisional gun, used as antitank and direct support of infantry. Wedge firing piece, semi-automatic. Truck towed on steel wheels with solid rubber tires. Hydro-pneumatic recoil mechanism. Sprung chassis. Protective shield of steel. Traction riding or motor.

Design data – 76.2 mm caliber, barrel length 42.6 calibres, 3,246m, threaded barrel with muzzle brake, elevation angle of -5° to + 37°, horizontal firing angle of 54°.

Ammunition – one-piece shells, frag- or anti-tank shells, bullet weight 6.23kg basic.
Ballistic data – initial velocity projectile 680m/s, range maximum 13 290m, effective fire 600-1500m, 700m direct shot, the ability to break through 108 mm armor at a distance of 1000 m inclined at 90°.
Operating data – the theoretical rate of fire 25 shots/min., Practical rate of fire 15-16 shots/min.
Weight – weight in combat position 1116kg, marching position weight of 2150kg.
Crew: 6 soldiers.