40mm AA Gun M2A1 (Bofors)

40 mm anti-aircraft gun Bofors L/60 (Luftvärnsautomatkanon m / 36 – Lvakan m / 36) was developed in the early 1930s of the twentieth century in the Swedish factory AB Bofors. It was an extremely successful design at the time. Soon it became one of the most widely used guns around the world. Bofors in the collection of our museum is produced in the US in 1943 (US version M2A1). Poland has purchased licenses for production of this type in November 1935. We received from the manufacturer’s batch of 68 guns and assistance in starting their mass production in the country.
Copies of the Polish production was adapted to the capabilities of our industry. They differ from the original in that their structure is removed cumbersome and technically complex connections wedge and spline shafts replacing them with standard dimensions
40 mm AA Gun Bofors has been used by many armies of many countries on both sides of the conflict of World War II. Also in the German army Bofors were used captured guns in the campaign in Poland and France. In the German nomenclature gun was called Flak 28.

Caliber: 40 mm
Barrel lenght: varies from 56-70 calibres, based on actual model
Elevation: -5 to + 90 degrees
Traverse: 360 degrees
Muzzle velocity: 881 m/s
Rate of fire: 120 rpm (practical approx. 60 rpm)
Range: 7160 m
Weight: 1981 kg (+ 522 kg carriage)