SPU 2P25M1

SPU 2P25M1

SPU 2P25M1 self-propelled anti air rocket launcher system 2K12 KUB

The anti air 2K12 KUB is still used by the Polish Army, was introduced to the Army in the mid 70s. The missile battery includes, among others, tracked vehicles – self-propelled missile launchers (SPU) 2P25.

On the vehicle, whose base was a special tracked chassis GM-578 is mounted rotary  360° launcher for 3x 3M9M missiles (range up to 24 km, ceiling combat purposes to 14 km)

In August 19, 2003, during the exercise „Green Spruce 2003” Polish system KUB accidentaly downs aircraft Su-22M4 piloted by Lt.-Col. Andrzej Andrzejewski, whose task was to launch imitators of air targets SRCP-WR just for … KUB-s.

Length / width / height: 6.79 / 3.18 / 1.8 m
Weight: 14 t
Crew: 3 people
Armour: 9.4 mm
Drive: diesel engine, inline 6-cylinder, liquid-cooled 240 hp