SKOT (Stredni Kolovy Obmeny Transporter – Medium Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier) – a wheeled four-axle personnel carrier produced by joint forces of polish and czechoslovakian constructors. It has been manufactured since October 1963 in FSC in Lublin.

Czechoslovakia delivered some of the components, for example engines. Used in the armament of the Czech army as 0T-64, under this marking known also worldwide they were exported into several countries, mainly arabic.

The museums collection contains a cross-section of the SKOT transporter. It was built in a factory to train the crew and staff. It allows to get a better view on the deployment and construction of the transporters mechanic components. Till today it can serve as an educational help for technical schools students.

The transporter is used to transport subdivisions of foot soldiers and also to be a station for other kinds of military equipment (engineering, communication).

In the early 90s it was slowly being taken back from the Polish Army.

Technical properties:

weight – 11 t;

engine – compression-ignition TATRA type TT – 928-12

engine power – 132 kW
dimensions (length x width x height with the tower) – 8 x 3 x 3,5m;

maximum speed – rolling 100 km/h; in water – 10 km/h;

driving range – 750 km.