Rusian torpedo Type 53-38

Rusian torpedo Type 53-38

In our exhibition we have rear, engine compartment of the basic in World War II era Russian torpedo Type 53-38 caliber 533 mm and training gyroscope. Design was based on a 21-inch torpedo Whitehead of the same caliber bought to trials in 1932 by USSR. 53-38 torpedoes entered service in 1938 and accounted for arming various classes of surface ships (destroyers and torpedo boats) and submarines as well. They were fired from torpedo tubes using compressed air or gunpowder charge.

Technical specification:

Caliber: 533.4 mm

Length: 7.2 m

Weight: 1615 kg

Weight of warhead: 300 kg

Engine: two-cylinder Kerosene-hydrogen peroxide turbine (fueled by kerosene, oxidant – oxygen) moving the two counter-rotating propellers

Maximum speed: 44.5 knots (82.5 km / h)

Range: 4 km (at V = 44.5 knots), 8 km (at a speed of V = 34.5 knots)