Opel Blitz 3,6-42S (3t)

Opel Blitz 3t

Large 3-ton Opel Blitz 1940. Equipped with a petrol 3.6-liter is an interesting version produced by a division of General Motors in Stockholm. The vehicle was widely used by the Wehrmacht during II World War.

This truckwas produced in many versions as mounted the anti-aircraft cannon, troop and supplies transporter, and used as a mobile command center or ambulance.

Opel Blitz truck was the workhorse of troops of the Reich during the Second World War. Despite the use of different trucks it is proved to be the most reliable.

Blitz was during the Second World War unrivaled. The truck was able to move through rough terrain, no other truck with two-wheel drive was able to drive.

Opel during the war produced parts which enabled the maintenance of trucks in continuous performance. Also petrol engine was preferred over diesel, because it was more accessible.