Motocykl BMW R35


R35 motorcycle with an engine capacity of 342 cm3 and a rigid rear suspension was the successor to the previous model R3. The factory in Munich in the years 1937-1940 provided more than 15,000 units, mostly for the army and police. In Wehrmacht primarily used in auxiliary tasks: courier, liaison and training.

After the war, production of this motorcycle took the factory from eastern Germany in Eisenach (formerly a subsidiary of BMW), initially using the trademark of the famous Bavarian company, however, after losing the lawsuit, since 1952. Under the name of EMW R35. In Poland, „Thirty-five” was called donkey.

Length / width / height: 2 / 0.8 / 0.95 m
Weight: 155 kg
Drive: a single-engine, four-stroke, OHV with a capacity of 342 cm3 and 14 hp with the transfer of power to the rear wheel shaft Cardan
Maximum speed: 100 km / h
Range: approx. 400 km
Fuel tank: 12 l
Fuel consumption: approx. 3 l / 100 km