Mercedes-Benz Type 230 (W143) 1938

Mercedes-Benz Type 230 (W143) 1938.

It was a Luxury car produced in the years 1937 – 1941, the successor to the previous model Type 200. Significantly upgraded and better suited to long journeys on motorways. An extended wheelbase version of 305 cm (first series had a spacing of 270 cm) was available in seven varieties of body: the two-door, two-seat convertibles, up to a seven-seater Pullman limousine.

The drive was a six-cylinder petrol engine M143 with a capacity of 2.23 liters and power of 55 hp. The car is equipped with interesting suspension: front tires on the two transverse leaf springs, rear axle broken with swinging half sheath, sprung 4 helical springs, since 1938 hydraulic shock absorbers.

Then was also introduced a standard four-speed gearbox. An interesting variant of the car was a Type 260D (factory designation W138), one of the two world’s first mass-produced passenger cars (next Hanomag Record) equipped with a diesel engine.

In pre-war Poland, few could afford to buy a Mercedes-Benz 230, it cost nearly 17 thousand. zł (for comparison Polish Fiat 508 – 5.4 thousand. zł) A total of approximately 20,000 copies of all versions of this type of Mercedes were produced

Specifications M-B Type 230 (W143):
Length: 4.58 m
Width: 1.71 m
Wheelbase: 3.05 m
Curb weight: 1450 kg
Maximum speed: 112 km / h
Drive: petrol engine, 6-cylinder M143
Displacement: 2229 cm3
Power: 55 hp
Average fuel consumption: 16 l / 100 km