The KrAZ-255 is a heavy off-road truck 6×6 for extreme operations. Vehicle was manufactured at the KrAZ plant (Kremenchutskyi Avtomobilnyi Zavod, Kremenchuk Automobile Plant) in Kremenchuk from 1967 until 1994.
KrAZ-255B in Polish Army was mainly used as a artillery tractor (152,4 mm ML-20S guns among others) or for towing heavy trailers (i.e. pontoon and engineering equipment, radar station trailers).


Crew: 3
Weight: 11950 kg
Payload: 7500 kg
Lenght: 8,65 cm
Width: 2,75 m
Height: 3,17 m
Wheelbase: 5,30 m
Powerplant: YaMZ-238 diesel V8 engine with 14860 cm3 displacement
Power: 240 hp
Transmision: 5 speed, manual YaMZ-236N
Top speed: 71 km/h