BRDM 2 (Bronirowannaja Razwiedywatielno Dozornaja Maszina – armored reconnaissance patrol car) Russian armored car in the drive system 4×4. It was developed in the late fifties and sixties in the Design Office Diedkowa. Design team led by W. K. Rubcow. The official presentation of the car took place in 1966. Armored car BRDM-2 has replaced the Soviet army vehicle BRDM-1.

The hull BRDM 2 can be divided into three compartments: driving in front, in the middle below rotating turret is the combat compartment and in the back drive compartment separated from rest with armor plate. The armor of the vehicle made by welding armor plates, provides protection only against small-caliber bullets.

The crew of an armored car BRDM 2 is four soldiers: commander, driver, gunner and scout. The driver sits on the left side of the interval control, the commander beside him. Both soldiers have over their heads round hatches, which are the only entrance / exit of the vehicle. The area in front is watched through periscopes placed around the manhole or two large armored windows, which in the danger zone are covered by metal plates. Also in the central parts of the side walls are placed additional periscopes.

Armament placed in the rotating turret BPU 1. Inside are placed two coupled machine guns: KPWT 14.5 mm caliber with a supply of 500 rounds of ammunition and PKT 7.62 mm caliber with a supply of 2,000 pieces of ammunition. Gunner fires through the optical viewfinder PP 61 A. Turret drive is manual, the range of guidance was 360° in the horizontal plane, and the vertical from -4° to + 30°. In addition, soldiers have the ability to conduct fire from inside the vehicle. In the side walls of the one slot is provided porthole and three periscopes for observation.

It is driven by an eight-cylinder in V arrangement, liquid-cooled petrol engine GAZ 41. It develops a power of 102 kW (140 hp) at 3400 rev / min. The drivetrain uses mechanical, dry, single-disc clutch gearbox (four forward gears, one reverse, 3 and 4 gear is synchronized), two-speed reduction gearbox, gearbox distribution and self-locking differentials axis. At the top range of diesel placed air intakes for the engine and maintenance flaps.

The chassis of BRDM 2 is a very interesting design. Armored car was built with 4×4 drive system. The suspension consists of leaf springs mounted longitudinally and telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers. Tires size is 13.00×18. In addition to cross very rough terrain installed four additional wheels. These wheels are suspended pendulum and during daily operation hidden beneath the side walls of the body between the two main axles. To cross the difficult terrain the driver drops them with a mechanical system. These wheels are driven using a chain transmission. Screw, deprived assist steering system operates on the front wheels. Used hydraulic drum brakes and central tire inflation system.

Armored car BRDM 2 is a swimming vehicle. To swim on water propeller must be uncovered which is placed at the rear part of the hull. Before entering the water breakwater at the front of the chasis must be raised.

BRDM-2 comes standard with a rich navigation systems (instrument TNA 2), communications and reconnaissance contamination (DP rentgenometr 3B and instrument PCHR). The car is equipped with a winch.

BRDM-2 has become the base for a number of special vehicles:
BRDM 2U: Command and a staff car, with no tower and armed with an enlarged fuselage.
BRDM 2 RChB: car diagnosis of contamination.
BRDM-2 has become the carrier of a number of systems, ATGM’s: 9M14 MALYUTKA, 9M17 FLEYTA, 9M17P SKORPION-P, 9M113 KONKURS and AAGM: 9K35M3 STRIEŁA 10M3.

BRDM-2 was used in the arsenals of many countries: Albania, Algeria, Angola, Benin, Bulgaria, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, the German Democratic Republic, Guinea, Iraq, Israel, Djibouti, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi , Mali, Mauritania, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Peru, Polish Peoples Republic, Romanian, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Sao Tome, Cape Verde and Hungary. The Polish Army BRDM 2 cars replaced the BRDM-1 and FUG. It is used as a typical vehicle sub-units of reconnaissance and command of the sub-units of other types of troops. The Military Mechanical Works in Siemianowice Slaskie developed a very successful modernization BRDM – BRDM 2B.


Crew: 4
The drive system 4×4
Weight Battle (kg): 7000
The power factor (kW / t): 14.7
Length (mm): 5750
Width (mm) 2350
Height (mm): 2310
Ground clearance (mm): 430
Spacing track (mm): 1840
Wheelbase (mm): 3100
Speed ​​(km / h): 100
Supply of fuel (liters): 290
Range (km): 750
Ford (m): swims


GAZ 41, V8 8-cylinder petrol engine, liquid-cooled power of 102 kW (140 hp) at 3400 rev / min.


mechanical, four forward gears, one reverse.

Equipment (ammunition):

KPWT machine gun caliber 14.5 mm (500 units), machine gun PKT 7.62 (2000 units).