APM-90M is a Soviet airport / airbase navigation reflector  with a mirror diameter of 90 cm. It was constructed in the 1950s. It was used as a component of the illumination system of the landing at the permanent airbases, field airfields or even roads (standard practice in the Polish Air Force during Colld War era). He appeared in two versions, as a fixed reflector or mobile version, mounted on various trucks. The most common were: ZIS-150, ZIL-164, ZIL-131, STAR-STAR-66 or 29, but in Poland the standard vehicle was Zil-130.

APM-90M was intended to illuminate the runway, optical leading of the planes to the area of the airport and the marking of the landing point on the runway at night or in bad weather.

Technical data:

Crew: 2 people

The diameter of the mirror: 90 cm

Power from the own generator PR-125 or an external network

Luminous Intensity: 135 million candela (maximum)

Angle of rotation : 360 degrees.

Vertical angle: up to 85 degrees.

Visibility of the light beam from a height of 1000-4000 m: approx. 25 km

Visibility of flashes during rotation of the reflector: 75 km to 125 km from height of 1000 – 4000 m