57 mm wz. 1943 ZIS-2

57 mm wz. 1943 ZiS-2

Anti-tank gun. Characterized by exceptionally favorable ballistic properties. Regarded as the best in its class. It was developed by the engineering team of General Vasily Grabin in the response of the news of the introduction by the Germans to the production of heavy tanks – Tiger and Panther. Cannon introduced 1944-1945 to arm some of the regiments and brigades of artillery antitank. Due to the high combat qualities they have been used for many years after the war.

Protective shield of steel. Traction riding or motor.
57 mm wz. 1943 ZIS-2
– 57 mm caliber, barrel length 73 calibres, 4.159 m, threaded barrel elevation angle of 25 °, horizontal firing angle of 54 °.

– Frag shell 3.75 kg, 700 m/s
– Anti-tank shell 3.14 kg, 990m/s
– Armour-piercing discarding sabot 1.79 kg, 1270m/s

Ballistic data:
Maximum range 8400m, effective range for tanks 1500m, direct shooting range 1120m, the capacity of anti-tank shell mere 110mm armor at a distance of 300 meters at an angle of 90°, armour piercing discarding sabot penetration 165mm armor at a distance of 300 meters at an angle of 90°.
Fire rate of 20-25 shots/min
Weight in combat position: 1250kg, marching position weight: 1260kg .
Crew: 6 soldiers.