Tank training simulator SJ-01

The tank training simulator dedicated for crew training and maintenance staff in general construction, operation and maintenance of the components of tanks T-72 (later polish the PT-91 Twardy as well), designed for Ministry of Defence order in 1984-85.

The training simulator SJ-01 was produced in the plant OBRUM (Research and Development Center of Mechanical Equipment) in Gliwice, cooperating with the license manufacturer of T-72 tanks – the Bumar – Łabędy factory in Gliwice (Poland).

External and internal components are mounted in the same way as in a tank, the main differences are the lack of armor (frame in place of armoured hull and tower), a model of a cannon, and the omission of certain repetitive elements (eg. In the chassis).

Most mechanisms of SJ-01 simulator is efficient and allows the demonstration of their work to provide appropriate conditions for training:

– deployment and interconnection of components in the tanks of the family T-72M / PT-91

– work rules and operation (service radio and internal communication equipment, nuclear, biological and chemical protection devices, the work of the stabilizer of the gun and automatic loading system (autoloader) and sighting devices and sights)

– learning practical works and technical maintenance of the tank

– typical methods of removing defects and basic malfunctions