T 34/85

T–34-85 (T – 34/85), medium tank

The photos below show the T–34-85 tank from our collection. Commissioned by the museum, it went through a major overhaul in winter 2012-2013. All mechanical sub-assemblies and installations were reconstructed and repaired. Finally, the tank was re-sprayed.

The 1943 vehicle is a modernized version of the T-34/76 tank, which had been produced since 1941. Since the end of 1944 the tank had become the elementary battle-equipment of the Soviet armored divisions.


T-34-85 type 1944

Hull: weld of rolled plates. Turret: weld of found elements. Crew – 5 members (commander, bomb-aimer, loader, driver- mechanic, shooter-wireless telegraphy operator) Weight – 32 t. Dimensions – total length 8,10 m, hull-length 6,07-6,10 m, width 3,00 m, height 2,72 m, ground clearance 0,4 m.

Armament – one 85mm 1944 ZiS-S-53 gun coupled with one 7,62 mm DTM machine gun, one 7,62 mm DTM machine gun in the hull. Traverse 360º, elevation -5º ÷ +22º, turret drive: electric and hand-operated, turret speed 17º/s. Ammunition: cannon rounds – 56-60, km-rounds – 1920, F-1 hand-grenades – 20-25.

Aiming- and observation-devices: 1 Tsz-16 telescope-viewer, 1 km DTM mechanical viewer, 3 Mk-4 pivotal periscopes, driver’s 2 observation periscopes, commander’s observation turret. Armor- hull: front 45-60mm, side 45mm, rear 45mm, bottom 20-22mm,

top 20-22mm; turret: front 75-90mm, side 75mm, rear 60mm, top 20mm. V-12, 4-stroke W-2-34 liquid-cooled diesel engine, 367,8 kW (500 hp), 1800 rpm, engine cubic capacity 38 880 cm³, cylinder bore- 150mm, piston travel- 180-186mm, 15 cr.

Fuel – diesel oil, main fuel tanks capacity 630 L, additional tanks 180 L, fuel consumption on road: 200-270L/km, off road: 250-350 L/km.

Power transmission system – multiple-plate dry main clutch, mechanical wheel case, 5 gears forward, 1 reverse gear, coupling with strap brakes, single-step transmission.