Heavy armored self-propelled gun ISU-152 was developed in 1943 as a successor to the SU-152, the famous „Zvieroboj” which received that name after the Battle of Kursk effectively fighting against III Reich tanks. Instead of heavy tank chassis KW, was used narrower chassis of newer tank IS-2.

Self-propelled ISU-152 joined the Red Army in November 1943. They were organized into independent, self-propelled heavy artillery regiments with 21 self-propelled guns. Polish Peoples Army also received them during the Second World War-10 of these vehicles.

PAS 13 (self-propelled artillery regiment) used 9 ISU-152 in Operation Berlin, one went to the Reserve Tank Regiment. Deliveries held after the war, totaling in the Polish service was over 100 ISU-152, which were used until 60s. ISU-152 from our collection is designed for the comprehensive renovation and reconstruction, including mounting the main armament.

Length / width / height: 6.77 / 3.07 / 2.48 m
Weight: 46 t
Crew: 5 people
Armour: 20-90 mm

– 152.4 mm howitzer ML-20S with a ammunition supply of 18-21
– 12.7 mm hmg DSzk wz. 1938 with a ammunition supply of 200-250
Drive: diesel engine W-2-IS system V12 liquid-cooled power of 520 hp
Maximum speed on the road / field: 30-35 / 12-15 km / h
Range on the road / rough terrain 220/120 km