Ford GPW

Ford GPW

Ford GPW military off-road vehicle of 1945 an US production of II World War, equipped with a petrol engine with four cylinders, bottom valve, 2.2-liter and 60 hp – commonly known as a jeep.

Due to the volume of orders for the war effort, second car manufacturer was needed. Ford received the order also documentation was provided for free from Willys solely for production orders of US government.

Ford GPW (from Willys) differed from the original only in small details. Parts of both cars can be used interchangeably. The main, though hardly perceptible difference was the cross-link of the chassis frame behind engine radiator grille.

A total of 639 245 units produced standard Jeep model, of which 361 349 Willys MB and 277 896 Ford GPW’s. The first Jeep model costed $739.

Vehicle has been widely used by all Allied forces during the war, and then also for civilian use in many countries.